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Posted on 21st July 2012 in Blog, Freebies

Should you use the word cheap to market your product or services?


Many Businessman and Entrepreneur avoids the word cheap. They do not want to pertain their products or services that they are offering to be called or categorized as “cheap“. I mean, why? Cheap does mean “affordable”, “low-cost” and “inexpensive services“, right?

A lot of people I know want to buy or patronize low-cost products and services. It is more practical that way and it will definitely cause them more financial savings. Being branded as “cheap” doesn’t mean that your services are bad or in low-quality, of course not! People search on Google with it anyway and wouldn’t it nice that your company will be put on Google’s number 1 list? It is a great marketing tool especially if it will be put on your website because people nowadays are really looking for an affordable products that they can get.

We are using it in my website tagline and we are proud to be branded as a company who is offering cheap and affordable website package solution. Our service is really affordable with high quality results!

What are your thoughts? What do you think?

Should you use the word cheap to market your product or services?

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