How to create and design an Opt-in box for your website


Posted on 12th July 2012 in Blog, Freebies, Tutorials

  What is an Optin Box?   Opt-in is used to get the contact information of potential clients. They are primarily used to capture the leads. The goal of most businessmen is to attract as many prospects as much as possible. They spend a lot on their advertising materials to get their clients attention. One …

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How to Create a Business Solution Website Template


Posted on 26th June 2012 in Tutorials

Start by creating a new canvas. I set mine as 1152 x 1147 with resolution set as 72 pixels/inch.     Next is to create a new layer for our web background. Add “Layer Style” and set its “gradient” with #ffe0C4 and #a25917 color respectively. Also set the Angle with 90 degrees value.     …

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How to create a 3D Gold Dollar Sign Vector in Illustrator


Posted on 25th June 2012 in Tutorials

We prepared a simple tutorial on how to create a 3D Gold Dollar Sign Vector in Illustrator. We made it quick and simple to let you understand the basis of creating 3D element in illustrator. We also demonstrated a simple use of Gradient on this video tutorial. Anyone can follow this simple how-to lesson because …

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How to create a simple yet elegant web button in Adobe Photoshop


Posted on 7th June 2012 in Tutorials

Web button is an important web element that is widely used. I decided to have our first tutorial on how to create a simple but elegant buttons in Adobe Photoshop because we will be using it often in our succeeding lessons. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment should you need further assistance. I would …

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